The Outsider – Irish Times

Critical Review, Aidan Dunne , Friday February 10 2006

Maybe it was just a matter of time until Cléa van der Grijn came around to making a series of paintings based on the…

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The Outsider – Arts Review

Critical Review, Daragh Reddin , March 2006

When Chris Ofili exhibited his Holy Virgin Mary (a small part of which comprised elephant dung) at New York’s Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art…

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Salto Angel – Aidan Dunne

Critical Review, Aidan Dunne, Wednesday November 29, 2000

Clea van der Grijn’s Salto Angel, at the Cross Gallery, consists of a series of paintings inspired by a visit to the Angel Falls…

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Salto Angel – Irish Times

Critical Review, Aidan Dunne , November 22, 2000

The title of Cléa van der Grijn’s exhibition at the Cross Gallery in Francis street, Salto Angel, is taken from Angel Falls in Venezuela,…

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Salto Angel – Circa Magazine

Critical Review, November/December 2000

Again with an emphasis on a domestic rather than ‘white space’ setting, Cross Gallery has been open in Francis Street for just over a…

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Real Life – Medb Ruane

Essay, Medb Ruane, 1996

Time is one of those defining concepts that seems clear until you start to think about it. For O.J. Simpson, time relates to proof,…

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Real Life – Circa Magazine

Critical Review, Ian Hill

The Old Museum Arts Centre, holding dock for van der Grijn’s REAL LIFE exhibition is in an 1830’s Greek Revival building.Clea van der Grijn,…

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Real Life – The Big Issue

Critical Review, Adrienne Murphy

“LOVE ME FOREVER OR FUCK OFF”“THE MOST MINDBLOWING OF DAYS”“DELIRIOUS PLEASURE”………van der Grijn’s willingness to expose her deepest fears, joys and needs, and so…

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Real Life – Irish Times

Critical Review, Aidan Dunne

REAL LIFE‘A Time’ Clea van der Grijn sets calendar time against emotional time in a series of beautiful works on paper that visualise the…

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Journey – Irish Times

Critical Review, Dr Medb Ruane

The notion of a “distressed Jesus”should bring hoards of do-gooders down to Temple Bar, but in Clea van der Grijn’s outing, the piece is…

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