Green is Pink


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Paul Roy and Clea van der Grijn  did not know each other. In 2012, through social media, they both discovered a shared interest in the concept that individual perceptions of the same thing greatly differ. People can see the same thing, but as they see it through their own life experiences, the thing ( be it imagined or real ) has entirely separate interpretations.

Thus, on the 8th January 2013, without ever meeting, GREEN IS PINK was born.

Rules were made.

 The common theme would be loss.

Both artists were given hand cut sheets of 20 x 15 cm 200grm paper and  they would try and visually express loss and then post it to the other artist who, in return would respond with their interpretations of the other artists work whilst adding their own experiences.

Both Paul and Clea posted these images back and forth for 5 months whilst adding, editing and composing a dialogue which they thought as Green is Pink.

All images – unless otherwise stated- are Clea van der Grijns

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