Crazy Jane (W.B. Yeats)


RHA Gallery and Solomon Gallery 2017

Oil on Linen, 152 x 152 cm

Forgotten (Salem Oregan Mental Hospital ) – Private Collection 2017

Forgotten (Salem – Oregan Mental Hospital ) Oil on Linen 24cm. x 24cm cm 2017 x 3
Forgotten (Salem – Oregan Mental Hospital) Oil on Linen 24cm. x 24cm cm 2017

Benbulben Night 3

VUE, RHA 2011

Ben Bulben Night 3
Ben Bulben Night 3, Oil on Linen 152 cm x 152 cm

Migraine (In the Head)

Commissioned by Dublin Science Museum, 2099

Migraine (In the Head), Oil on linen, 122cm x 122cm, 2009

Lime Tree – Carton House Commission 2006

Lime Tree.260cm x 190cm. 2006. Carton House Commission. Mixed media and gold leaf on linen.