Hurt – Irish Times

This painting is taken from a bigger series called Bruise and Dishonour which Van der Grijn created in the early 1990s. It looks at the world of emotions and the human condition. What comes across strongly is a sense of vulnerability; a feeling that we can’t control the work but are, most of the time, hostages to fortune.

The cross that dominates this image is a reminder of Van der Grijn’s interest in Christian iconography and, especially, it its glorification of suffering.

The colour palette is the white and gold traditionally used to portray the risen, transfigured Christ. But there is no triumph in this picture. Behind and to the right of the cross ghostly shadow flits. At the foot of the cross is what appears to be a bloodstain. A line of text scratched into the painting just underneath the right of of the cross ends “the last chance I have”.