Real Life


Solo Show


City Arts Centre Dublin 1996 and Old Museum Arts Centre Belfast 1997

Time. Time, a defining concept that seems clear until you start to think about it. What is the relationship between emotional time and measured time…

Never Loved

I never loved you, I only needed you to love me so that I could leave you.

Real Life

Cut me with a Blade

cut me with a blade
Oil on 8 wooden panels, 2.4m x 2.4m


Author: Medb Ruane

Exhibition Catalogue

Time is one of those defining concepts that seems clear until you start to think about it. For O.J. Simpson, time relates to proof, to alibi, to innocence – or guilt. If you’re Julia Kristeva, time is defined by its cultural properties, about cycles and monumentality, about linear history and the push towards eternity. In…

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Critical Reviews

Author: Ian Hill

CIRCA Art Magazine

The Old Museum Arts Centre, holding dock for van der Grijn’s REAL LIFE exhibition is in an 1830’s Greek Revival building.Clea van der Grijn, an artist with a long association with the Temple Bar Gallery has mixed with arts fashionable glitterati, designing fabrics and promotions for John Rocha’s Louvre, Paris, catwalk show. There, handmade Chinese…

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Author: Aidan Dunne

Irish Times

REAL LIFE‘A Time’ Clea van der Grijn sets calendar time against emotional time in a series of beautiful works on paper that visualise the complex layering of experience. REAL LIFENever loved ” i never loved you i only needed you i needed you to love me so that i could leave you ” Van der…

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Author: Adrienne Murphy

The Big Issue

“LOVE ME FOREVER OR FUCK OFF”“THE MOST MINDBLOWING OF DAYS”“DELIRIOUS PLEASURE”………van der Grijn’s willingness to expose her deepest fears, joys and needs, and so purge and discover herself through art, will strike a resonating chord in anyone who believes in the power of self expression.

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