Solo Show




Author: Dr Marie Naughton

I was truly honoured to be asked to contribute to Cléa Van der Grijn’s exhibition of SHIFT. I see this as an important role for me and indeed all who work in mental health; that role of advocacy and helping to reduce stigma. As some may be aware, I have come to know Cléa in…

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Author: Dr Veronica O'Neill

SHIFT comes both in the wake of and the process of FLUX—like the climax of a tsunami, FLUX leaves behind an altered landscape. Nothing is the same. With SHIFT, van der Grijn explores this landscape, going to the outer edges of emotions and depicting emotional dysregulation, but as a means of disinterested exploration of what…

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Author: Niall MacMonagle

November 07 2021

Ireland-born Cléa van der Grijn spent her childhood between Amsterdam and Dublin. Her artist father Erik van der Grijn’s “disciplined studio practice, the space, the solitude” impressed her and “the smell of turps still triggers my olfactory senses”. Never allowed in his studio, she was, she says, “excluded from a process I unconsciously yearned for”…

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