The Cross Gallery, Dublin and The Dock, Carrick on Shannon.

Solo Show, Work


Moment(ous), a thought provoking project exploring love and loss of a child and what it is to be part of the resulting grief. The installation is in three components. Two commanding life size photographs ( of mantlepieces ) reveal a lifetime collection of family moments through snapshots, notes and artefacts. A photograph of a still, resting body. It is fragile, and disarming and a collection of video stills which freeze frame the private, domestic moments of a family and its grief.

The image of the resting body is quite disarming as it takes a while for it to come into focus. The viewer is driven to reconsider the elements of this image. the viewer is asked to consider how ordinary moments can become extraordinary.

The two substantial mantlepieces are seperated from their domestic interior, moments that quickly stitch the life of the family together. These are images of friends, smiles, celebrations and artefacts that span several decades. These two images reveal a tapestry of a personal memory of a family and both contain moments from that life that is no longer.


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Critical Reviews

Author: Maurice O’Connell

Circa Magazine

Momentous  is a thought provoking project  exploring  love and , loss of a child  and  what is to witness , and be part of the resulting grief.  The installation  is  in three components. Two  commanding life-size  photographs (of  mantelpieces) reveal a lifetime collection of family moments through snapshots, notes and artefacts. A photograph, of a…

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Author: Aidan Dunne

Irish Times

“Tackling the taboo subject of death with clarity and precision”  CLEA VAN DER GRIJN’S Moment(ous) , currently showing at the Cross Gallery, originated at The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon earlier this year. It marks something of a departure for van der Grijn, who has previously been best known for her textural paintings, pieces that have clearly…

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