The disembodied adventures of Cléa

9 February - 6 March 2023

Solomon Fine Art

Solo Show
SYNCHRONICITY mixed media on linen. 108 cm x 108 cm.
SYNCHRONICITY, mixed media on linen. 108 cm x 108 cm.

The disembodied adventures of Cléa is a series of new paintings inspired by Lewis Carroll’s iconic novel Alice in Wonderland. Van der Grijn utilises popular imagery from the book, along with its themes of displacement and transformation to reflect her own experiences with personality disorder, addiction, depression and recovery, and to illustrate both the complexity and absurdity of what it is to be human.

These new works on linen canvas demonstrate the artist’s process orientated philosophy, whereby compositions are formed in an unconventional and impulsive manner. Often deconstructed and reformed, the paintings deliberately reveal traces of their history, whereby the nature of their materiality is brought to the foreground.



Dr Keith Gaynor, Senior Clinical psychologist

Author: Keith Gaynor

Critical Opening Speech

My name is Keith Gaynor. I work as a clinical psychologist and I’m honoured to speak at Cléa’s exhibition “The Disembodied adventures of Cléa”. I am shocked, surprised and deeply touched to be asked to say a few words. Occasions like these are joyous opportunities to celebrate one person’s artistic talent and to come together…

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