FLUX is breathtakingly beautiful: highlighting language, the word, precisely through it’s absence. Emphasising the fragile + emotional states of mankind. An oneiric land cinematically beautiful + psychologically disturbing. 
Made using only available light and the full moon, this film explores themes of death, loss, love, isolation and mental fragility using literal and abstract imagery. The film’s creative use of editing compacts ideas of time and space, and invites us into dreamscapes and mindscapes that emphasise the characters’ emotional lives. With sounds design incorporating Irish Sean Nós song, this film blurs the boundary between reality and imagination.

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Author: Dr Veronica O'Neill

FLUX, the new film by Cléa van der Grijn, is breathtakingly beautiful. Every frame comprises a painting in itself, and every prop is a work of art, including the stage, van der Grijn’s own bed in her own bedroom, her own bathroom, her own home. With FLUX, we see more than ever the extent to…

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