Salto Angel


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Van der Grijn’s journey to Salto Angel (or Angel Falls), Venezuela. At 979m, Salto Angel is the highest waterfall in the world with the world’s longest uninterrupted drop. Getting there is a long, slow journey. Firstly flying in light aircraft to the Indian settlement of Canaima, about 50km north of the falls. Next a half day long canoe trip which leaves you at the base of the Tepuis, or area of flat-topped mountains, from which you must climb.


Critical Reviews

Author: Aidan Dunne

The Irish Times

Clea van der Grijn’s Salto Angel, at the Cross Gallery, consists of a series of paintings inspired by a visit to the Angel Falls of the title. a remote waterfall in Venezuela that happens to be the highest in the world. The pictures, with thickened, grafted on textures and a pared down palette dominated by…

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CIRCA Magazine

Again with an emphasis on a domestic rather than ‘white space’ setting, Cross Gallery has been open in Francis Street for just over a year. Interestingly, Clea van der Grijn’s Salto Angel was an exhibition that would have worked equally well ( and possibly better in the case of some of the images ) in…

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Author: Aidan Dunne


The title of Cléa van der Grijn’s exhibition at the Cross Gallery in Francis street, Salto Angel, is taken from Angel Falls in Venezuela, which at 979 metres is the highest waterfall in the world, plunging down the world’s longest uninterrupted drop. Van der Grijn visited the falls the summer before last. It was, she…

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