Temple Bar Gallery and Studio

Solo Show

A painting installation 7 metres x 3.05 metres made up of 230 individual mixed media boxes which form the whole, the narrative, the journey.

Critical Reviews

Author: Luke Clancy

Irish Times

‘My work is all autobiographical” says Clea van der Grijn in a handwritten sheet accompanying her current show. “It is not abstract or conceptual” she adds. Despite these helpful guidelines, there are elements of van der Grijn‘s large installation, which includes paintings and a found object (a crucifix) that are both abstract and conceptual. van…

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Author: Dr Medb Ruane

Irish Times

The notion of a “distressed Jesus”should bring hoards of do-gooders down to Temple Bar, but in Clea van der Grijn’s outing, the piece is just one example of the issues which might disrupt this artist in the future. The show balances on a huge wall installation made of more than 200 separate flat boxed shapes.…

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