For Peace Comes Dropping Slow

Essay, Megan Johnson, 2015

The distance between place and people; land and memory; the physical and the conceptual are spaces in which magic can occur. The Irish poet…

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Ambivalence Review – Irish Times

Critical Review, Aidan Dunne, May 2013

Psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan once said that he’d rather feel slightly uneasy than content. In her compelling, ever-changing work, Cléa van der Grijn makes something…

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Essay, Dónall Curtin, 2013

Dear Matthew, I decided to write this letter to you, my Godson, to introduce you to a world I am passionate about, in these…

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Hurt – Irish Times

Critical Review, Arminta Wallace, November 26th, 2012

This painting is taken from a bigger series called Bruise and Dishonour which Van der Grijn created in the early 1990s. It looks at…

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Essay, Gemma Tipton

The world can seem to shift its size around us. Sometimes it is vast enough to leave us feeling utterly insignificant, and then again…

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A Golden Thread

Essay, Nick Miller, 2010

In this era, we sometimes fear that it is not ‘cool’ to concern ourselves with biography and authorship in relation to an artist’s work.…

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Moment(ous) – Irish Times

Critical Review, Aidan Dunne , July 2008

“Tackling the taboo subject of death with clarity and precision”  CLEA VAN DER GRIJN’S Moment(ous) , currently showing at the Cross Gallery, originated at…

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Moment(ous) – Circa Magazine

Critical Review, Maurice O’Connell , 2008

Momentous  is a thought provoking project  exploring  love and , loss of a child  and  what is to witness , and be part of…

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The Leftover Madonna

Essay, Dr. Medb Ruane, 2006

In 1381, the statue of the Madonna at Tir Briúin began miraculously to speak. The words transformed all the horrors lingering after a black…

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